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On the South Side of Chicago, the Kaotic Drumline brings people together with creativity, energy and hope.


The group was started by Chicago's Jamie Poindexter.


Kaotic's list of performances includes President Obama's inauguration, numerous NBA games (when you catch a Bulls' game, that's Jamie Poindexter you hear drumming on The Bulls' theme song) and countless Chicago-area events, including DePaul University, Northwestern, University of Chicago. 

Kaotic's collaborations extend to hip hop music as well, including Snoop Dogg, Chance The Rapper, Three  6 Mafia and more.

This Drumline is a family affair - founder Jamie Poindexter was started on the path by his musician father, and the group now features his multi-talented son Jamal as well as another son Jay'cion (age 7!).

Yet it may be the Kaotic Drumline's community presence and perspective that has done the most to earn them a special place in the hearts of minds of many Chicagoans.

"Kaotic Drumline: Drumming With A Difference" is a new documentary short that explores these connections - as well as looking into how Drumline music brings people together with inspiration and vitality.

Created by the production team from the critically-acclaimed new documentary "Tomorrow's Hope," (which also features Jamal Poindexter) this new film celebrates the desire to build a brighter outlook even in an environment that appears challenging from all sides. 

This documentary short was produced by the Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation.

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